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Visiting Aerial Fit

Interested in teaching a workshop at Aerial Fit?

We get A LOT of inquiries, and we only host visiting instructors with a high level of teaching experience and an exceptional grasp of the material they plan to teach. Read on to learn more about us and our teachers and students, then if it seems like a good fit contact us with more information about yourself.

First and foremost we want to give our students an opportunity to learn from experienced and knowledgeable instructors.

Teaching Experience: We want to know how much experience you have teaching the discipline and skills you are planning on presenting. The owners of Aerial Fit have exceeded 10,000 hours each of teaching time on aerial apparatuses and have developed very clear progressions for students of all levels.

As a basic guideline, approximately 1,000 hours of teaching experience would be expected with visiting instructors. Please let us know how many teaching hours you have for the discipline you’d like to present. This should not include training time or performance time.

We understand that it can be hard to get experience and the following criteria help tremendously in making up for less teaching experience.

  • Home base teaching location: We want to know where you have taught in the past. Please let us know the main location where you have taught the most.
  • Teaching philosophy: We want to learn more about how you present your skills. Please let us know what you feel is at the foundation of your role as an instructor.
  • What is unique about your teaching?: Let us know what sets you apart from other instructors.
  • Workshop plan: We want to see a basic write up of the material you expect to present.
  • Videos: Do you have video of yourself doing the skills? Do you have video of your students doing these skills?
  • Training: Where did you receive your own training, and for how long? Did you graduate from any intensive program or train with an instructor well-known in the field?

Here is what you can expect from our students when presenting a workshop or private lessons.

  • Our school has a strong culture of Safety, Smiles, Strengthening, and Skills. This means that we always put safety first. Smiles refers to having a positive experience (often being challenged, frustrated and then overcoming the challenge can be a great positive experience). Strengthening means emphasizing technique over tricks, and following a series of progressions when teaching new material. All of this makes learning and mastering the skills themselves come naturally.
  • Our students have been trained from day one to do all skills on both sides of their body.
  • Our students are used to mastering new skills low to the ground first, before moving up to height.
  • The vast majority of our students enjoy the process and are just as happy learning about the progressions needed to do the skills.
  • You can see videos of our students and staff performing in student showcases here.

We really do love meeting teachers from across the nation and around the world. Please contact us with any questions.

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