Jordan Anderson


Years Teaching Aerial


Hours Teaching Aerial

Jordan has been teaching Aerial Arts full-time for well over 10 years. Her primary focus is Aerial Silks and Sling, and she has developed a strong curriculum with a focus on solid technique and creative progressions to reach all abilities and body types.

Her aerial teaching journey started when Jordan was part of the very first group of teachers in the world to receive her Unnata® Aerial Yoga teacher certification through Michelle Dortignac, founder of the technique. Since then e a rich community of aerial yoga teachers has grown around the US and the world, and Jordan is thrilled to be one of the first.

This beginning led to a curiosity about the higher flying aerial arts, and before anyone was teaching it where she lived, Jordan began seeking out pioneers in the field to travel to and learn from. She has been especially influenced by both her personal and teacher training with The New England Center for Circus Arts. She has trained regionally and internationally, seeking out anyone who inspires her with a unique approach to aerial or to the body in general. She loves teaching and is inspired by all of her students and teachers. She has developed a strong curriculum to train other Aerial Fit instructors in, with a focus on creative progressions to reach all abilities and body types.

An introvert at heart, Jordan began performing to challenge herself in a new way and found a love for it that was surprising. She has been performing Acro and Aerial locally in Charleston and regionally around South Carolina since 2008, when it was still an unknown art-form in the lowcountry. She performs regularly and has performed to crowds as small as a few dozen and as large as a few thousand. Her tireless work in this area has laid the groundwork for a rich circus scene that is just beginning to develop in Charleston. Constantly striving for innovation in the field, she co-founded Circus Building Entertainment and specializes in solo and duo work on aerial silks, static trapeze, aerial sling, and invented apparatuses.