Our Facility

Our facility is a 2,100 square foot open space with 25 foot high ceilings and 3 I-beams with many rig points. Our I-beams and supports are engineered for circus arts and installed by professionals. The majority of our rig points are fixed points, but we do have two adjustable height points. Our entire floor space is covered in two-inch thick roll up gymnastic foam floors over smooth concrete. We require all aerialists to use our 8 inch crash mats for any work done at height. The facility is climate controlled. Our training space is located just 5 minutes from downtown Charleston.

We currently have the following apparatuses rigged:

  • Low stretch aerial fabric
  • Medium stretch aerial fabric
  • Single point aerial sling
  • Double point trapeze
  • Single point trapeze
  • Single point tabless lyras
  • Single point aerial hammocks
  • Corde Lisse (Aerial Rope)
  • Invented apparatuses including Aerial Chair, Aerial Umbrella, Aerial Wine Glass, and more