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Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Since 2009

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In-Person Private Lessons

Aerial Arts

with an emphasis on Aerial Smarts

Climb. Contort. Twist up in beautiful wraps.
That’s the art.

The smarts? Building the discipline of safe biomechanical movement, and swiftly sculpting the strength and stamina to soar…
like an aerial star.

We’re aerial educators, and we train you to apply principles of proper body alignment to every skill you learn. You’ll develop brains as much as brawn, and the result is beauty in movement.

We Teach Aerial Science

you master the Art in the Air

Ready to achieve the deep satisfaction of smashing your personal ceilings, and embodying more of your power? Just show up with a willingness to build skills sequentially, and it’s all within your grip.

Yes, You Can Do This.

Fly high feeling victorious in your very first class – our instructors will inspire you to tap into strength you never knew you had. We’ll encourage you to triumph in the face of fear, and we’ll applaud your constant breakthroughs. In the process, you’ll build extraordinary fitness, fast friendships with your peers, and fortitude for life.

Take a class, give it a whirl, and get wrapped up in the thrill of aerial flight.

Yes, really! You Got This…

You don’t need to be an athlete, and you don’t need previous exercise experience to excel in aerial arts. We teach the physics of flight so you can skyrocket, no matter your size or shape, mass or muscle. Everybody and every body is welcome.

Our students are amazed by what they can accomplish on Day 1, and most choose to progress with us, moving up into higher levels each at their own pace.

Student Showcases and Showoff Nights

Performing is empowering, fun, and a great opportunity for growth! Our Student Showcases are full length productions presented by our intermediate and higher level students. Our Showoff Nights are low-key, low stress events for advanced beginner and higher students to share recent progress with friends and family.

Most recent shows