Clayton Woodson


Years Teaching Aerial


Hours Teaching Aerial

Clayton has been teaching Aerial Arts and Circus Arts for many years.  He has surpassed the 10,000 hours benchmark for teaching aerial. This is just counting time spent with students and lesson plans. He has countless hours of training time on top of these teaching hours.

Clayton’s aerial focus is the lyra which is also called aerial hoop. He has studied and researched intensely to develop a lot of skills and techniques that are unique to him. Some of these unique skills and concepts are for making learning lyra easier for beginners. Others are skills that are pushing forward the edge of possible movement on lyra (aka more advanced skills). In addition, to lyra he also teaches silks, slings, trapeze, handstands, and duo aerial.

Clayton also performs with Jordan Anderson using the stage name Wonderson. The duo have performed in front of tens of thousands of happy spectators in small intimate venues, theaters, sports arenas and at outdoor festivals. Clayton and Jordan founded Circus Building Entertainment as a performance company for a larger troupe that has included multiple aerial performers, acrobats, stilt walkers, magicians, side show performers and dancers.

In addition to teaching circus arts, Clayton has owned and operated an online retail business that was featured in Inc. Magazine on multiple occasions as well as national news broadcasts. At it’s peak, his company employed over 30 people.

Clayton is the Co-Founder of Aerial Fit and Circus Building Entertainment.