Making connections in the circus

Circus Building in Charleston, SC played host to Rain Anya, a very talented circus arts instructor and circus performer plus a couple dozen eager circus students. There is no doubt that we all learned a lot. We worked on our form and function on static trapeze and other apparatuses. We forced our brains to work just as hard as our bodies understanding why moves work on circus silks. For us more reserved, methodical aerialists, we were encouraged to become more expressive in our movements with a lot of fun games and theatrical training exercises.

Though I have to say for me the most exciting thing that happened at the Circus Building circus training workshop is that some great new connections were made. It is amazing how quickly friendships can start when you are helping someone balance upside down in a handstand class. It is easy to feel a quick connection with someone who is helping stay balanced.

As business owners and full time teachers it is a privilege to have the opportunity to take class. We got to play with some new partner circus tricks. With an advanced teacher and spotter in the room, it wasn’t uncommon to hear instructions like, “now let go of her hands and grab her legs before she falls away.” Talk about making a connection.

Check out our facebook album of circus training photos including some fun images from acroyoga lessons.

The whole experience of making new circus friends, training along side with our students and getting the rare opportunity to learn more duo moves reminded me of a quote that I just love from Audrey Hepburn.

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”~ Audrey Hepburn

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