A Night With The Circus: July 2018

Believe it or not, this is our first ever circus variety themed showcase. We wanted to make it extra interesting, so everybody’s character has a bit of personal history or truth in it. Sure we added some glitter, but these are all based on a bit of reality.

The Collector

Anastasia Timina

“Welcome, Welcome! You’re in for a treat!
This level of spectacle is hard to beat!

We have dangers and dancers and ooo’s and aaaah’s
We will show you things that make you pause!

Who am I? A collector, that you might say,
Of talents and peculiarities- each unique in some way.

I’ve searched the world- every exotic place,
From mountains to valleys, from oceans to space,

And I’ve brought back, to share with you tonight,
A variety of circus talents, and they’re quite a sight!

Without further adu, I welcome you-

So let the show begin!”

Amazing Aerobat

Performance, Choreo and Costume by Dafne Andrea Chianella Collins
Music: Come Fly With Me by Frank Sinatra

“One year, we took the show on a world tour. It was our opening night in Rome. The whole country was excited to see our show. Even the head of state was flying in from Milan. As his plane was coming in for the landing, it barrel rolled through the clouds, dove, and spun over our heads. The crowd went wild, and that’s when I knew we had found our newest member.

The Amazing Aerobat came from a long line of prestigious aviators: her great, great grandfather was the 1st pilot in Europe, her father was a fighter pilot, her brother was the commander general for Her Majesty’s Royal Air Force. The Amazing Aerobat followed in their footsteps and became Italy’s first female pilot. But this black sheep just couldn’t control her need for speed. And after this last crazy stunt, I knew this daredevil would be a perfect addition to our circus.”

Ramblin’ Raven

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Raven Askew
Music: Let There Be Cowgirls by Chris Cagle

“As our train rolled through the Great Plains I took the chance to relax for a bit and glance out the window. As I looked out I saw a majestic horse keeping pace with us. Her intensity was only matched by the impressive feat that was being performed on the mare’s back. I had to blink a few times to be sure of what I had just seen. An acrobat, strong and in charge, was swiftly performing front flips, back flips, and all while perfectly balanced in the saddle. I knew then that I had to track her down and add her to my collection. And I did just that when we reached our destination.

Her story began with her Grandfather. Never becoming a cowboy himself, she chose to live out his dream and share that gritty and tough style of life with the world and now I introduce this lass to you.”

Heidi Eistanzer

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Kari Kistler
Music: La Valse by Maurice Ravel

“Heidi Eistanzer was an Olympic Gold Medalist in Figure Skating… until her medals were stripped away and she was banned from competing by the International Figure Skating Association. The rumors flew after her banishment, but Heidi has never spoken the truth, as far as anyone knows. Her skating acts were known for her graceful, daring leaps and spins, and almost a hint of danger. Possibly this dangerous undercurrent got her disqualified?

After roaming the Alps for a few years Heidi stumbled upon a circus school high up on the Matterhorn and quickly traded her skates for the flowing, graceful aerial silks. When I first saw Heidi in person, spinning 15 feet in the air, I knew I had to have her for my troupe. She continues her graceful, daring routines- flirting with danger high up in the air- dancing her way through her acts. Perhaps someday we will learn what led to her banishment? Or perhaps we shall never know…”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Li
Music: I’ll Make a Man Out of You by Donny Osmond

“One day I realized something was missing from my collection. I did not have a representation from the Far East! I immediately set sail to the land of the rising sun. I traveled to the northern mountains of China in hopes of finding treasure but instead I found trouble. My troop was attacked by a gang that called themselves the Mongolians! Out of nowhere came a man to defend us with his spear. He disguised the circus members as soldiers and guided us with his military tactics. Together we were able to drive the Mongolians away.

As I thanked him, I asked him where he was from and where he was going. The man was a little bit odd, he kept referring the Mongolians as Huns, for example. Turns out he was a vagabond looking for a purpose. That’s when I had an idea! We needed somebody to train us and to defend us! He would grant us protection, and we would grant him a purpose! He hesitantly said yes and joined our troup. Our first training session was horrific, Li always seems angry and dissatisfied with our self-defense. However, deep down, he cares about us, if you look closely you can catch a glimpse of his softness.”

The Magnettes

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Lindsey Morgan & Kelly Bratz
Music: Basique by The Little People

“Maggie and Netti, or the Magnettes as I like to call them for short, are a peculiar couple. The story goes that the two were actually conjoined twins at birth. For fear that they would be exploited or harmed, their parents separated the sisters and moved them to opposite poles of the earth. They each say they felt a constant draw to search for something unknown all of their lives. Their need for searching and travel led them to the traveling circus. Town after town, act after act, they felt the draw getting stronger and stronger.

Eventually their traveling circuses crossed paths! People claim their wagons were ripped from the caravans and that they smashed together. After the rubble was cleared they found Maggie and Nettie joined together yet again, the sisters were finally re-united! Since that day, they’ve never left each other’s sight. Though they are both skilled acrobats in their own rights, I find the Magnettes even more captivating when they perform together. The crew says they’ve never even seen the duo more than 100ft apart in all their years performing and traveling with our troop!

If you are in the back, feel free to stand to get a good view of this one!”


Performance, Choreo and Costume by Alex Ansari
Music: Tous Les Mêmes by Stromae

“It was a strange summer in Paris when I found Mojo, my next act. The streets were alight with talk of unrest and change. The people, it seemed, had been captivated by a play, or something more than a play perhaps. The Parisian circus was on leave and I had the pleasure of attending one night. I laughed along with the other spectators as the players and jesters made fools of royalty in elaborate costumes and intricate stages. It was so entertaining I planned to come back the next night and recruit a member or two. However, when I returned, I found that all the players had been imprisoned on charges of treason for making fools of the royalty and inciting riots. Disappointed, but not wanting to be next, we packed up, eager to leave behind the tension permeating that place. Just as we were about to go, I noticed a new, yet familiar face had snuck on board.”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Catherine Kramp
Music: I Got… by Beats Antique

“I was out one night in Egypt to see if I could find something to add to my collection, when I stumbled into a snake nest. I was surrounded by angry hissing. The biggest snake reared back to bite me and then suddenly stopped. Everything went quiet and all the snakes were transfixed by something in the distance. I stood mesmerized as the once terrifying reptiles around me swayed slightly in time with a figure I could now see approaching. I am unsure how long I watched, spellbound, as she danced in the moonlight. As her hypnotic movements slowly came to an end I noticed that we were alone and the snakes had vanished once again into the night. Had the snakes been a mirage? Or had they been real? The only thing I knew for sure was that I had to add Samhira, the snake dancer, to my “cast of characters”.”

Puzzle Pieces

Performance, Choreo and Costume by Jordan Anderson & Clayton Woodson
Music: A Dream Within A Dream by The Glitch Mob

“The Puzzle Pieces are an intriguing duo. Their origins are even more bizarre:

I found the first box at an art gallery. The box was chaotic and abstract. It was unlike anything I had seen before so I added it to my collection. It was a while before I found the second box. It was in the figurine cabinet of a china store. It sat perfectly polished and poised. This box was precise and exact. I had this feeling that the boxes, although different, belonged together.

During the explosion caused by the meeting of the Magnettes, the boxes were shaken from their shelves and the pieces inside were freed. No longer constrained by the boundaries of their own boxes the puzzle pieces were free. Two individuals emerged. Her abstract and flowy nature matched his precision. They appeared different, yet similar; like two sides of the same coin. Having never felt completely at home in their respective puzzle boxes, the puzzle pieces decided to work together to create their own puzzle.

When the two came together, everyone agreed that the whole was greater than the sum of its parts.”

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