Wizard of Oz: September 2017

We pulled out all the stops for our interpretation of the timeless Wizard of Oz.

The Tornado

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Jordan Anderson
Music: Night on Bald Mountain by London Symphony Orchestra

“Wow, the sky is getting so dark. The sun light is so thin everything looks black and white. Boy, the wind is really picking up too. There must be a storm coming. I’m glad I’m inside where a storm can’t get me. What is that outside? Golly, that’s not just a rain storm. That’s the biggest tornado I’ve ever seen! It’s moving so fast and it’s heading right for me. The noise is deafening, pounding wind and rain. The twister is destroying everything in its path. It’s right over that nasty neighbor Ms. Gulch’s house… it just twisted her house right off it’s foundation and my house is next! Toto where are you! Are you safe?”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Jennifer Titche
Music: Magic by B.o.B.

“Wow, what is this place?! Look at the colors. It’s so beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like it – flowers taller than me, rocky mountains in the distance… and it appears as if I’ve landed in a town square. There’s a small building, and two brick roads: one yellow and one red. Except that nobody’s here. That’s odd. I wonder where everyone has gone… and what is that mysterious pink bubble floating toward me?”

Tin Man

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Christine Rawls
Music: Ezra by Flume

“Did you hear that? That creaking? Kind of like a rusty swing set? Where is it coming from? It must be that silver statue. Wait, it can’t be a statue, it’s moving! But wait, he keeps getting more and more stuck. Oh, dear, he certainly needs a good oiling before he gets stuck forever!”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Desiree Meany
Music: Graveclothes by Birdtalker

“What is that strange rustling sound? Oh dear, I sure hope it’s not another frightful creature. I’m sure I’ll never find my way home if I keep running into trouble. And in a strange place like this, trouble seems to be around every corner. Hmm, maybe I should just head in the other direction. Wait. Wait a second, I think I hear someone whistling a happy tune. Yes, that tune sounds awfully familiar. Oh my, what an odd looking person! Haha. I think perhaps they’re made completely out of straw! That explains the rustling sound. They seem a little bumbly, but also quite cheerful. I sure could use some cheering up. I think I’ll ask for some friendly advice. Someone that sprightly and confident is sure to know a thing or two.”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Catherine Kramp
Music: Roar by Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox

“Oh goodness it is getting dark in this forest. What was that noise? I think I hear something up ahead. I have seen such strange things in this place, I can’t imagine what terrifying beasts I might run into in this forest. It looks like something big is waiting for me behind that tree. Wait, I think he is hiding. He looks terrified, I can’t believe such a big creature would be scared of me”


Performance, Choreo and Costume by Lindsey Morgan & Kelly Bratz
Music: Trees to Dogs by John Morris

“Wow, what interesting looking creatures those are! They must be the mischievous, winged monkeys I’ve heard tales of. The Tinman told me that, for the most part, they are good-natured, but that they are under the spell of a magical cap. Whenever they are in the presence of the wicked witch, they must immediately stop what they are doing and do her evil bidding. Poor things. I think I’ll keep my distance with the Wicked Witch likely being near by. They seem harmless now, but I don’t want to take any chances!”

Wicked Witch

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Anastasia Timina
Music: Madness by Ruelle

“Oh my! How terribly, terribly, terrifying! She’s been after me, on my heels this whole time! That wicked witch is looking for me; she wants to get me! I don’t want to even imagine what she would do to me! Oh my….she wants revenge for her sister! But I didn’t meant to! It was an accident! And she wants these ruby shoes! But I can’t, no, I mustn’t let her have them! *gasp* Did you hear that? OH no, I think she’s coming!”

Magic of the Ruby Slippers

Performance, Choreo and Costume by Dafne Andrea Chianella Collins
Music: Powerful by Major Lazer

“Before I started my journey through the magical land of Oz, Glinda left me with a parting gift…the ruby slippers! ‘there they are and there they’ll stay’ she said as they miraculously appeared on my own feet. Sparkling and bright, they are beautiful. I am not sure how or why, but I feel their magic posses me. Like a spell, the slippers give me confidence and hope. Glinda said the shoes have wonderful powers. And one of the most curious things about them is their ability to carry their owner to any place in the world in just three clicks of the heels. Her parting words “keep tight inside of them! their magic is very powerful and the wicked witch of the west wants them very badly!”….No wonder the wicked witch wants them!! I wonder where these ruby slippers will take me? They are powerful beyond the imagination.”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Clayton Woodson
Music: Tonight by Magic Man

“Oh, that Wizard! Can you believe after all that trouble it was just a weird guy behind a curtain pulling levers and making blustering noises? At first I was so upset with him. I mean, what a jerk. But, well, he’s kind of grown on me. Did you know he used to work for a circus? You can’t be all bad if you work for a circus. Do you know that Oz isn’t his real name? No, it’s Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs. He told me he wrote his initials on a hot air balloon once. His big balloon spelled out O.Z.P.I.N.H.E.A.D. Thats Oz Pinhead! You know, once you get to know him, he’s actually a fun, playful guy.”


Krissy McKown

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