Love Is In The Air: February 2018

We’re so proud of everyone who performed in this Valentine’s themed show. Each performer created an aerial piece based on a love letter, read by narrator Christine Rawls. Videos and photos of each act can be seen below.

Love Letter #1

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Kelly Bratz
Music: Misbehaving by Labrinth

“Dear you? I wish i knew your name but i don’t. I wish i knew when i would see you again but i won’t. Our encounter was brief but it changed me, you toyed with me like no other. Over and over again i asked myself whether you were interested in me or whether i was just a way to kill time. I may never know but ill never stop trying to find you. Hopefully you’ll come back to where we first met. Maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight?”

Love Letter #2

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Kari Kistler
Music: I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown

“Dear Amy, I know you’re my bestie and all, so I apologize for not telling you this until now; but I’ve been seeing this guy for a few weeks. He’s not my usual type. He’s a bit older than me, but so sophisticated and such an accomplished person! We have really great conversations, about art, music, politics, history, basically anything and everything. I really enjoy spending time with him. And the way he looks at me, it’s like I’m the greatest person, or really anything, that he’s ever encountered! I’ve never had anyone look at me, or treat me this well. He truly makes me feel like a million bucks, and boy does it feel good!”

Love Letter #3

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Alex Ansari
Music: You Don’t Know Me by Son Lux

“It’s been two years since we started seeing each other, and we’ve only gotten closer in that time. These two years have been nice, our relationship has been good, and you are really very nice. However, that’s the problem. I haven’t been entirely honest with you. Maybe it’s my fault for putting on this front, or maybe it’s yours for assuming you could ever know me. No matter where the fault lies, it doesn’t matter. The truth is, the person you think I am and the life you think I live are all fabricated. You assumed I was a nice, regular person when we met, so I just went along with it. For a while I thought it would be ok if I simply pretended to be normal, but every time we are together I feel nothing but emptiness. To be honest, I’ve grown bored of you. Bye forever.”

Love Letter #4

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Christine Rawls
Music: Bruises by Lewis Capaldi

“I just don’t understand. After everything, after all we went through together, how did we end up here? It was supposed to be you and I against the world, we were supposed to be together. We had something special, something beautiful and you threw it all away. And for what? To find yourself? To see what the world had to offer without me holding you back? As if that ever made sense. I just miss you. Every breath I take without you here feels like a punch in the chest. Each day feels empty, each night so lonely. If you ever find what you were looking for, maybe you’ll remember me and come home? Until then, with every ounce of love I have left…”

Love Letter #5

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Jennifer Titche
Music: I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace

“You.are.infuriating. We’ve had this conversation so many times. I feel like you’re not listening to me. I feel like you *never* listen to me. Do you even care that I’m upset? Do my feelings matter to you at all? I can’t stand doing this. I despise the yelling, the fighting; I even despise being mad. Yet here we are, again. I’m so angry I can’t even bring myself to face you in person, I just… I want scream. You disgust me. I hate this. I hate you. I hate loving you. But I still do.”

Love Letter #6

Performance, Choreo and Costume by Jordan Anderson & Clayton Woodson
Music: In Spite Of Ourselves by Kirsty Lee Akers

“My Dearest, Today as I was getting dressed my pinkie toe snagged on the waist band of my underwear. I’ve always joked that this would be my final undoing. As I teetered, my balanced faltered and I careened toward the dresser drawers. In a panic, I slammed my foot to the floor without letting go of my underwear. Which in hindsight was not the wisest course of events. The force of my stomp caused me to topple forward. A frantic step to catch my balance was undone by my stepping on the sleeping cats tail. The cats yowl and subsequent attack upon my ankle had me pin wheeling my arms backward. It was as I began my tremendous flop backwards that my life began to pass before me. And there through all of the years I saw you. Always, Your love. P.S. I’m sorry the cat peed on your new shoes.”

Love Letter #7

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Anastasia Timina
Music: Love Is A Bitch by Two Feet

“My darling, I must see you again tonight. I know that meeting this soon can be risky but I just can’t bear to be away for so long. The minutes drag by like nails on a chalkboard. I am addict and without you I feel so empty. I would come to see you every night if I could, every hour, but the others must not know. Even the thought of their disapproving looks cannot keep me from you! I know you said last time that you were tired of the sneaking and hiding, that if our love was true we would face the world together…but…it’s just more complicated than that. I promise that we can make things work but we must be a bit more patient. We will get through this, my love, we will endure. I count the minutes until I can see you again, I am truly yours.”

Love Letter #8

Performance, Choreo and Costume by Lindsey Morgan
Music: Sh’Boom (Life Could Be A Dream) by The Crew Cuts

“Dear Betty, I’m writing to confess that the feelings I have had for you have matured beyond playful courtship to deeper feelings of love. I think of you often and daydream of what it would be like to live out our lives together. You’re the bonniest gal I’ve ever had the chance to jive with, and you deserve all the best this world has to offer. I desperately hope to be someone worthy of your love. If you return my affections, I would move heaven and earth to make you the happiest girl in town. I can hardly wait to see you again and discuss the possibilities! Just think, life could be a dream, sweetheart! Yours truly, Freddie”

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