TV Theme Show: January 2015

For your viewing pleasure. Each performer chose a TV show to inspire their act, and each act was introduced with a some nuggets of trivia about the show that you might not have known. Enjoy!

The Addams Family

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Lindsey Morgan
Music: Addams Family Theme by Vic Mizzy

– The Addams Family was based on characters created by Charles Addams. These characters first appeared in the New Yorker magazine in 1940, but the TV series didn’t start until 1964.
– The interior of the Addams Family house was inspired by the real-life Manhattan apartment of Charles Addams.
– Gomez and Morticia Addams were the first married couple on American TV implied to have a love life. Even though Gomez would kiss Morticia up and down her arm he never kissed her on the lips.
– Another first for the Addams Family… they were the first TV family to own a home computer.
Charles Addams never named his characters for the New Yorker magazine, but he had to come up with names for the TV show. His first pick of names for Gomez was Repelli which was a play on the word repellant. The son’s name was originally to be Pubert, but was changed to Pugsley because Pubert sounded too weird.
– The name Wednesday is a reference to the line in the Mother Goose poem that goes, “Wednesday’s child is full of woe.”
– Wednesday’s pet, Homer, was a black widow spider. Her headless doll was named Marie Antoinette.
OK, enough trivia, ladies and gentleman, Wednesday from the Addams Family!

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Angela Rawlings
Music: The Fresh Prince of Bel Air by Will Smith

– Will Smith was originally a rapper known as The Fresh Prince. During the creation of the show, he and Alfonso Ribeiro were brainstorming names for their characters. Alfonso remarked that Will had to be careful in naming his character, as people would refer to him in public by that name for the rest of his life. So Will Smith settled on “Will Smith” as the perfect name.
– Will Smith’s character’s name is actually different than his real life name. In the show, he is “William” Smith, but in real life he’s “Willard” Smith.
– During the earlier seasons of the show, Will Smith was placed under scrutiny as he was constantly being ridiculed and dismissed for his complete lack of acting skills. He was nearly fired by NBC on several occasions. However, the creators and producers of the sitcom saw strong potential in him and successfully convinced NBC to keep him on the show.
– The show was originally canceled by NBC after the fourth season, however, fan reaction and letters written to Will Smith and NBC persuaded them to renew the show for two more seasons.

Here we go, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

True Blood

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Jordan Anderson & Clayton Woodson
Music: Bad Things by Jace Everett


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Kelly Bratz & Lindsey Morgan
Music: The X-Files by Mark Snow

– The famous echoing chord from the theme music was a fluke. Composer Mark Snow accidentally rested his elbow on his keyboard with the echo function on, and he liked the resulting sound so much, he wrote the theme around it.
– The X-Files was a ground breaking series for many reasons. The show’s first season came out at the same time as the internet was becoming popular. They were the first to have to deal with plot leaks and advanced information being distributed by fans. They also did a good job of trying to take advantage of the internet by being the first series to promote itself on the internet. They eventually found a balance with the plot leakers and in the final season they listed their online names within the end credits as FBI eye witnesses of unusual events.

House M.D.

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Anastasia Timina
Music: Teardrop by Massive Attack

– Dr. House was based on Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes, in turn, was based on Dr. Joseph Bell, a doctor that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle knew while studying medicine. Dr. Bell’s specialty was diagnosis.
– One of the promotional posters features Dr. House wrapped in two snakes with a pair of wings behind him, a recreation of the Greek Caduceus symbol. The Caduceus is actually the symbol of merchants and thieves. The correct symbol for healing and medicine is a rod with only one coiled snake and no wings. This is a common mistake in the US. It is believed that the switch in the US was the result of it being used as the insignia by the U.S. Army Medical Corps in 1902 with the implied meaning of stealing patients back from death.

Television Backdrop
designed and created by R. Giusti Dillon.

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