Dreams: April 2016

The Dreams


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Kelly Bratz
Music: Once Upon A Dream by Lana Del Rey

“Decisions can be daunting, no matter how simple the issue may seem. Stress can fester in the deepest of your subconscious. When matters of the heart present themselves, careful considerations must be made. The choices you make not only effect your life but those you share it with. Should you stay with the familiar or risk the chance of the unknown? A stable life or an adventurous one? A familiar love can be as safe as it is dangerous. It can create doubt, feelings of resentment, even anger. But when you really search for what matters most, you find you had it all along.”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Lindsey Morgan
Music: E.T. by Katy Perry

“Last week I had the strangest dream. It must have been the late night X-files binge just before bed. I dreamt that a beam of light came down out of the sky. In my dream, I felt drawn toward the light, I wasn’t afraid of it, more like hypnotized. Without hesitation, I began ascending toward the source of the light. For a short time I felt weightless, suspended mid air, but before I knew what was happening, chaos ensued. Between the haze of sleep and the bright lights I couldn’t see much of what was going on, all I knew was that a struggle had begun. I don’t know how long it lasted as my perception of time and space seemed distorted. The next thing I knew I was being hurdled back toward the earth. When I came-to I was back in my bed. I was still all in one piece and unharmed, yet I felt completely spent and ready for dreamless sleep.”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Christine Rawls
Music: Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by Bombalurina

“When I was little, I just knew that I was going to be the first woman president of the united states. But there was one little problem, I was terrified of public speaking. I could never do all the speeches that presidents have to! So I asked my mom what to do so I wouldn’t be so scared. She told me that if I pictured the audience in their underwear I wouldn’t be scared of them. Unfortunately, this backfired and I started having nightmares that I was the one in my underwear!”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Raven Askew
Music: Rose Gold by Pentatonix

Aerial Chair

Performance, Choreo, Costumes by Jordan Anderson & Clayton Woodson
Music: Night Like This by LP

“Did you ever have a dream about finding something that was lost? You may have never known it was missing from your life until it appeared in your dream. I dreampt of a childhood friend. In the real world, life marched us forward thru time in different directions. In my dream world we were reconnected. I mostly now just remember the pure joy of it and am left with mostly hazy memories of playing, dancing and climbing. As we were immersed in the simple joy of play, it wasn’t clear if this was simply just a friend or a lover or a soul mate. But, this friend wasn’t the lost object in my dream. My good friend helped me find something important that I didn’t even realize had slipped out of sight… my smile, my hope and my inspiration.”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Jennifer Titche
Music: Mission Impossible Theme by Lalo Schifrin

“Almost there. She’d done what she came to do; now she just had to make her escape so she could chalk this up as yet another successful mission. “This should be easy,” she thought to herself. “I am one of the best, after all. I bet no one even knows I was here.” No sooner had she finished that thought, than she heard something behind her. She turned to look and saw several men running full speed in her direction. Clearly, she’d been spotted. “Oh well,” she sighed aloud, “here we go again.”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Anastasia Timina
Music: Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson


Performance, Choreography, Costumes by Lindsey Morgan & Kelly Bratz
Music: Mirror Maru by Cashmere Cat

“Feelings of distortion have affected us all at one point or another. You can doubt your thoughts, your dreams, your confidence, even your very own image. Determining what is reality can overwhelm you. Take the story of Anya, a young girl obsessed with self image. Every day she basked in the visions of herself twirling in the mirror. However one day her reflection took on a life of its own, the mirror to became obsessed with Anya and couldn’t stand for her to leave her sight again. She pulled and tugged on Anya trying to bring her into the mirror so they could stay together forever. Anya was frightened at first but knew the only way to stop this madness was to give into the mirror and hopefully be able to break free from the inside. As Anya looked out from inside the mirror she could see everything as it was before and it was more beautiful than she remembered, she knew she had to escape so she could appreciate the life she had taken for granted.”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Jay Clement
Music: Born by MitiS

“The night is waning, and the thousands of pinpricked stars slowly fade into the sky as it begins to brighten above the suns first reaching efforts. Your night has been full with the Strange and the Beautiful staging a dance for your mind’s eye as you lay entwined in a sea of cotton and feathers. Though warm and gentle, you at first resist the touch of the sun, your brain still adrift in the ocean of the fantastic and bizarre. But soon the heaviness holding your eyelids under it’s spell begins to dissipate and they float open to be greeted with the vivid colors of the morning. From a distance your ears are faintly greeted with the song of a blue bird calling you to rise and seize the day.”

The Dreamer

Desiree Meany

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