Winter Folktales: December 2018

Winter Folktales celebrates the holidays with tales of winter spirits from around the world. Our two narrators exchange a variety of gifts that represent each winter folktale. Some are cheerful, some are dark, and all are entertaining. We all had a great time putting this showcase together.

Jack Skellington

Performance, Choreo and Costume by Catherine Kramp
Music: Nightmare Before Christmas Selection by John Ledwon

“A Santa hat, it’s perfect! It reminds me of the time I became Santa Clause! I had grown bored with Halloween Town. It was the same thing every year and I had grown bored. I was walking through the woods when I stumbled upon Christmas Town. The lights, the colors, the snow, all the happy people filled me with joy and wonder, and I just wanted to be a part of it.”

The Yule Cat

Performance, Choreo and Costume by Josey Wetzel
Music: Animal by Zayde Wolf

“On Christmas eve, a sly vicious cat wakes up from a deep sleep. The yule cat lurks throughout the night searching for its prey. Eager children wait nervously one particular present, clothes. Clothes may seem like a simple gift, but clothes are the key to not being hunted by the yule cat. Those who don’t receive new clothes are feasted on by the monstrous cat. you can try and hide, but the yule cat will always find you.”

Cailleach Bheara

Performance, Choreo and Costume by Claire duPont
Music: Dance of the Druids by Bear McCreary

“In Scotland, the Cailleach Bheara rules the winter months between November and May. She ushers in the season by washing her great plaid cloak in the bay; taking three days to complete, this process creates a roaring tempest which can be heard up to twenty miles inland. When she is finished, her cloak is pure white and snow covers the land. Winter, and her reign, has begun.”


Performance, Choreo and Costume by Christine Rawls
Music: Valravn by Danheim

“Its a raven! I love ravens, they remind me of home. In my village, on new year’s eve, we send the bravest warriors into the forest at midnight. during their journey, they face many dangerous creatures and other distractions that try to lead them astray. If they can survive the night, they are given the title of Arsgang and rewarded with visions of the year to come. In my journey, I got lost. I was alone and scared and could hear the beasts of the woods closing in. When I thought all was lost, I heard a raven’s caw echoing through the woods. I followed the raven to a clearing where I stayed safe until morning.”


Performance, Choreo and Costume by Anastasia Timina
Music: Blood // Water by Grandson

“Krampus appears on the evening of December 6th to visit homes. Children leave their shoes outside and St. Nick fills the shoes of good children with candies and treats and Krampus fills the shoes of bad children with sticks and coal. Krampus returns to punish the bad children by whipping them for their bad acts. For particularly bad misbehavior, Krampus has been known to stuff children into a wicker basket and drag them through hell as a form of atonement. You know what you did wrong and Krampus is coming.”

Nutcracker Ballerina

Performance, Choreo and Costume by Jennifer Titche
Music: Carol of the Bells by Lindsey Sterling

“A nutcracker, I love it! I saw the ballet when I was in Christmas Town. A little girl gets a nutcracker for Christmas and that night it comes to life and they go on an adventure. She sees fights between gingerbread men and rats, she meets the sugar plum fairies and the snow queen. At the end the nutcracker becomes a handsome prince. It is one of my favorite Christmas stories.”


Performance, Choreo and Costume by Lindsey Morgan & Kelly Bratz
Music: Super Mario Bros by London Philharmonic Orchestra

“This elf figurine reminds me of the story of two elves two wishes. In that story two mountain elves were in the woods when they came across a powerful fairy who granted them each one wish. The first impulsively wished to be able to jump high enough to touch the sky. Her wish was immediately granted and off she zoomed into the sky. The second elf thought for a moment and when the fairy asked for her wish she said she wished to be the best catcher in the world so she could keep her friend safe. The fairy was so touched by her thoughtfulness that she granted both wishes to both elves so they could continue jumping and catching forever. This figurine reminds me of how rewarding a friendship can be.”


Performance, Choreo and Costume by Jillian Byrd
Music: Snow Queen’s Palace by Derek Fiechter

“What a beautiful snowflake! It says its from Yuki-Onna in snowy mountains of Japan. Legend has it, on cold winter nights, high in the snowy mountains of Japan, travelers be weary! For a ghostly snow maiden as beautiful as a white rose, but cold as ice itself, may be waiting to lure you to your death. Her name… is Yuki-onna. According to local folklore, she is a ghostly spirit of the snow who appears during severe snow storms preying on lost travelers and any unfortunate soul that crosses her path. Yuki-onna is said to give her victims the “kiss of death”, sucking their human life-force straight from their mouths, leaving them frozen solid. You may may be in luck however; for it has been said the snowy reaper may spare your life only if you are exceptionally handsome or talented.”


Performance, Choreo and Costume by Li

“Birthed from the flames of his dead brother Kagutsuchi, Kuraokami was created to appease the eternal fires of his brother. Nowadays, the dragon helps farmers by providing rain and maintain water flowing from the mountains to the fields. Unfortunately, Kuraokami was never remembered for its deeds and is losing patience.”

Holiday Joy

Performance, Choreo and Costume by Jordan Anderson
Music: Feeling Good by Escala

“Tonight, we are all sitting inside a big box. You may not have noticed when you walked in, but it is the biggest present to unwrap. The gift inside is all of us and the giving has already begun. We have all shared with you our joy of movement, be it on the dark side or the jolly side. And you have given us the exuberant energy of being entertained and thrilled. The holiday spirit should be infectious, given from one person to the next. To set the scene for our last act, try to remember that feeling you had as a child, waking up in the morning with the sense that anything was possible and the world was filled with wonder.”

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