Favorite Apparatus

The best apparatus to get started with is the apparatus that makes you want to practice the most. Each apparatus has it’s own personality and they are all worth exploring. There is definitely cross over from apparatus to apparatus. The techniques you use to get on a lyra are similar to the ones you use to get on the trapeze. The wraps you use on silks are similar to the ones on slings. The muscles you use to pull yourself up on one apparatus are the same on all the other apparatuses.


Sometimes we can make a good educated guess about which apparatus will make us the happiest or feel the most satisfying. Did you grow up spending all of your time on jungle gym playground equipment? It’s a safe bet you’re going to like trapeze and lyra. Love complex logic problems? You’re going to like the theory involved in aerial silks wraps. Of course, the best way to find out is to give them all a shot. How many times is enough to make a decision? Well, we all have a friend that we didn’t like when we first met or a favorite album that didn’t click with us the first time we heard it.


Have no idea on where to start? If we look at our records of all the classes a student has attended we can get a sense of the most popular apparatuses. However, this is a major over simplification as we don’t offer all apparatuses equally. There is no surprise that silks looks like it is the most popular apparatus because as we have had 5-8 aerial silks classes on the schedule every week since 2013. Poor Acro… not really. We have only ever had 1 Acro class on the schedule every week. Acro has often been one of our most crowded classes.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed then we recommend going with your gut. It’s not a forever decision. If you really want to be told where to start, then we suggest starting with an Aerial Silks class. It is a great place to get started.

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