Aerial Strength & Flexibility & Family History

The Aerial Strength & Flexibility classes are off to a great  and historic start. In our first class we had a new student with the same last name and family history as Aerial Fit instructor and Circus Building Co-Founder, Clayton Woodson. Turns out while these two have never met, they had heard all of the same family lore and stories.

While the Strength & Flexibility class focused on whole body strength exercises and active flexibility stretches, we heard stories about Jessie Woodson James (yup, the gun slinging Jessie James) and the first Woodsons in the new land. John Woodson arrived in the 1700’s with his wife and two sons. The family home was attacked by Indians and John was forced to hide one son in a wash basin and the other in a potato sack. The two sons survived the attack and so the family lore goes, you are either a potato sack Woodson or a wash basin Woodson. At the very least, it makes for a good story.

Come check out our newest class Aerial Strength & Flexibility. These classes can be great addition to an existing aerial practice, or a nice way to ease into one. Low classes are on the ground or within an arm’s length of the ground, but they are not necessarily gentle. The focus is on body awareness, fitness, flexibility, and fun. Class sizes are small with lots of time on the apparatus (only 1 person per apparatus). Aerial Strength & Flexibility is a great way to build strength, flexibility, and body awareness. We use a variety of circus apparatuses including aerial fabric, sling, trapeze, and lyra (aerial hoop). Expect to swing, spin, hang, and move your body weight between the apparatus and the floor. No experience needed to take this class, all levels will benefit and enjoy. Pre-registration is required.

Come to class, build the strength and flexibility to become circus strong and who knows who you might meet!

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