Time Traveler: September 2016

In this show we took the audience through a time travel adventure, as seen through the eyes of a seemingly normal girl from the 90’s. We’re so proud of all the creativity we saw come out in each performer’s interpretation of time travel.

The Destinations:


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Jennifer Titche
Music: Compilation

“Tonight, we take you on a journey. The year is 1999 and we look in on a seemingly normal girl, cleaning a seemingly normal attic. But neither the girl nor her attic are normal. And she’s about to be taken on the adventure of a lifetime.”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Christine Rawls
Music: Castle by Halsey

“Where am i? And what is that smell? I’ve been thrown into a crowd of dirty smelly people. I feel so out of place in my super fly outfit, everyone around me is in tattered rags. They are pushing and shoving towards the street. I can see them throwing rocks and food, at what, or who? If I climb on these stairs maybe I can see. A prisoner. Being led through the street in shackles. A woman, with a crown on her head. She doesn’t look scared even though they’re taking her crown and reading her last rites. I can’t watch anymore.”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Raven Askew
Music: Pirates Medley by Peter Hollens

“It is extremely foggy here with a hint of salt in the air. I hear waves crashing against the shoreline and the eerie creaking of wood being rocked by the waves. Where did this old ship appear from? As the fog parted I was able to see a flag being hoisted atop the mast. Is this ship flying a Jolly Roger [skull and crossbone flag]? I’ve stumbled upon an old pirate ship! Oh no, I see someone coming in the distance! It looks like a…it’s a…Pirate! I should get out of here before I get captured, my outfit’s too fly to be walking the plank tonight!”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Alex Ansari
Music: Dust In Your Pocket by Glass Animals

“Now I’m… in the middle of a wasteland? I don’t see any other living things. And it’s no wonder. The air is… almost poisonous. I can hardly see anything at all in these sandbanks – aside from that broken down car, and maybe some houses in the distance, though they look as though they were abandoned long ago. Wait. That must mean… I’m in the future! Though how much in the future I have no idea. *gasp and turn head* I think I saw something move. I did! There, dashing across the sand dunes! It almost looks like it’s… searching for something. I hope it’s not its next meal…. Maybe I should find somewhere to hide!”

Aerial Umbrella

Performance, Choreography and Costume by Clayton Woodson
Music: Fly Me To The Moon (Cee-Roo Remix) by Frank Sinatra

“Wow! This is WAY more glamorous than the wasteland I came from! The city boulevard here is sparkling with bright yellow lights. And I must have just missed a storm, because everything is glittering with raindrops. The people here are looking fine – and stylin’. The women are shining in sequins and diamonds and the men are mighty dapper in their suits and hats. Here, I’m almost underdressed. Good thing I put on extra glitter!
Oh! That car almost ruined my hair with that puddle. At least it’s a classy convertible – like the ones I’ve seen in my favorite old movies. Of course! This must be Hollywood Boulevard, and that’s not a classic car here. I’m in the Golden Age of Hollywood!
That man crossing the street could be Cary Grant! Or the man stepping in to the cafe, over there, might be Humphrey Bogart! Could that woman window shopping be Audrey Hepburn? There are so many possibilities! Wow, I wonder who THAT suave gentleman is. He has an umbrella, but the way he moves it’s like even when it rains – he shines.”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Desiree Meany
Music: Wolf by First Aid Kit

“Huh. Now I’ve landed in a small clearing in the woods. The air is so fresh, and it’s quiet: I don’t hear anything except for the bugs and the birds. I think I can just make out a stone castle on top of that hill in the distance. I must be in medieval times. I can’t shake this feeling that I’m being watched, but I don’t see anyone… unless. I think I see someone creeping through those trees. Welp, at this point I’ve got nothing to lose. “Excuse me! Sir? Can you help me?” Oops. Ma’am. “Do you, uh… speak English?” She’s just… staring at me. But her eyes are saying so much. This looks like a woman who’s had to learn how to survive in the forest on her own. And clearly, she is skilled. She looks so at home here that she’s almost glowing – perhaps with confidence, or maybe from knowing she’s conquered great challenges.
I guess she’s willing to help? Maybe she sees herself in me, as I suspect she too was once lost in the forest. Somehow, even though she’s yet to say a word, I feel safe with her. I think she’ll be able to get me home.”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Jordan Anderson
Music: Gipsy by Ferenz Kallos

“Where have I landed this time? It’s a very wet place, with water all around me and strange creatures swimming through the water. Is that a person over there? I can’t really tell…it looks like a person but it doesn’t move like one. It seems to be walking very strangely. I’ll try to get closer so I can see better. I think it might be a fish! What’s a fish doing on land? I’ve never seen a fish that looked so much like a person. This is strange. I wonder if I’ve arrived in the distant past, and maybe I’m watching evolution unfolding. Or wait, could I be somewhere in the future? If climate change really happens this might be what the future looks like. Well, if humans do one day have to learn to live in the water, then I’ll really miss my fly shoe collection. I’m not sure my Sketchers are waterproof.”


Performance, Choreography and Costume by Anastasia Timina
Music: Delight by Jamie Berry

“Oh wow! There are so many people here! And it is so lively! And there are people dancing and upbeat jazz music playing. This place must be a secret speakeasy! The musicians are starting another song and i see that couple over there! It looks like the man is asking the lady to dance…”

The time traveler
Jennifer Titche

Backdrop Design
Anastasia Timina

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