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Inside Aerial Fit: Aerial Yoga

We’re hard at work creating a short video series that gives a glimpse inside Aerial Fit. We often get questions about our aerial classes, and these videos will give you a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in each class we offer. The first in the series is Aerial Yoga. Aerial Yoga is a type of yoga that uses a low-hanging fabric trapeze, called a hammock or sling, to suspend, invert, and challenge familiar yoga postures. The sling is hung at waist-height, and body weight is shared between the sling and the floor, or suspended entirely in the sling. Although every class is different, you can expect to explore postures like Warrior 1 and 2, Downward Facing Dog, Tree Pose, Camel Pose, Wheel, Cobbler’s Pose, Handstand, Pigeon, L-Shaped Handstand, Spinal Twists, and of course, Deep Relaxation. The yoga sling takes stress off the joints, decompresses the spine, allows gravity to ease you deeper into postures, while challenging your proprioceptive sense. There is no aerial or yoga experience needed to take your first class. We recommend a weekly practice, either in conjunction with, or without, a ground yoga practice as well. Please show up at least 10 minutes early for your […]

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Scare-ials 2014

Scare-ials is our annual Halloween tradition…a mixed-level costumed aerial class followed by candy. This year we dressed up our apparatuses as invented apparatuses, including a fabric cloud swing, a double fabric trapeze, and a chandalyra. Visit this link to see our full photo album from the event, and be sure to join us for upcoming themed classes and days. Happy flying!

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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, September 6-14, 2014 We are excited to host Michelle Dortignac, founder of Unnata® Aerial Yoga, to lead South Carolina’s first comprehensive Aerial Yoga Teacher Training course at Aerial Fit in Charleston, SC. Michelle got me started on my aerial yoga journey and I can testify that she is inspirational, knowledgeable, and a great teacher. The Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program is available only to students who are already Certified Yoga Instructors. The training will be held at Aerial Fit in Charleston SC from Sept. 6 – 14, 2014. Early bird registration deadline is August 8th. Full details and application can be found here: About the course (read full description at The course is structured as both an Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program, and for use as Yoga teacher continuing education. You need never teach an Unnata® Aerial Yoga class to benefit from participating in the Unnata® Aerial Yoga Teacher Training course. Aerial Yoga may be a new concept, but the science of Yoga is not. Michelle Dortignac can teach you how to use the Aerial Yoga hammock as a prop for your Yoga classes, how to avoid gimmickry, and how to maintain that […]

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Gravity & Other Myths workshop

Photo copyright Rebecca Roo Turisk Gravity & Other Myths stopped by Aerial Fit during the US premier of their show “A Simple Space,” and taught us a beginner-friendly workshop that included tumbling, acro, handstands, and acrobat-tossing. We had so much fun and learned so much…they are amazing teachers and performers and really know how to get everyone into the spirit of fun, cooperation, and trust. We learned tumbling (including learning how to jump over another person), Russian handstand technique for complete control and a perfect line, acro in duos and groups, and acrobat-tossing including using a human as a jumprope! We played lots of games, including falling and catching, tagging and chasing, and more. We all left tired and happy, and a bit sore the next day. Here’s a link to a photo album from the event. We love hosting national and international teachers and performers, so if you are coming through Charleston let us know. Happy flying!

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Circus Building Entertainment at the Music Hall

A big part of our mission is to grow the professional aerial circus community, and offer new performers and aspiring performers the opportunity to learn the business of performing while getting a foot in the door. South Carolina International Pageants wanted aerial entertainment at their 2014 pageant, and they contacted us for help. Mentoring Program: For those with the dedication, passion, and interest, we offer a mentoring program that gets new performers up in the air at professional gigs. Our program teaches a lot and also demands a lot, as we put the performers through hours of rehearsals and tests in preparation for upcoming gigs. We often receive feedback from our mentees that the performance itself is the easiest part of the process! (As it should be when you are well prepared!) Aerial Performance: Angela Bellaconis had performed with us four times prior to this gig, and we wanted to give her an opportunity to perform over a stage with amazing lighting and backdrops. We revamped two of her existing routines, on aerial silks and aerial sling, and the crowd absolutely loved her. Anastasia Timina has performed with us twice in the air, prior to this gig. She already had […]

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Aerial Fit® classes are just 5 minutes from downtown Charleston.

1045 5th Ave, Unit A
Charleston, SC 29407

Just off St. Andrew's Blvd, across the street from Hocus Pocus, and behind the Taco Bell.


We provide top notch aerial training to anyone who wants to learn. All of our classes focus on excellence, safety, empowerment, and fun!

What Students are Saying

“I had so much fun in your class and thank you for opening the door to yoga and aerial yoga for me. It has really changed my life and I am very grateful.”

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