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NEW: Handstands and Acro Balance Classes

Handstand and Acro Balance are fundamental circus arts skills. They compliment aerial training perfectly, are a great workout and a lot of fun. Acro Balance Training: Jordan and Clayton were the first teachers to bring acro balance to Charleston in 2006. Acro is a fun way to get up in the air. The basics start with learning how to support another person’s weight in a counterbalance and then progress towards learning how to support each other off the ground. No partner is required and no previous experience is necessary.   Handstand Training: One of the most iconic images of strength, grace and balance is the one armed handstand. To get there, we all have to start with finding good form, body awareness, and shoulder flexibility in the basic handstand. While the road to a perfect handstand may be humbling, the reward is more than worth it. We have floors covered with 2″ foam for those concerned with falling. No experience required.   Sign up for these classes in Novemebr Classes begin Sunday, November 3rd. 6:30 PM – 7:45 PM (1 hour 15 minutes) Register Online This class is for anyone interested in developing the skills to balance their own or […]

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Scare-ials! A Mixed-Level Halloween Aerial Class & Improv

Scare-ials! A Mixed-Level Halloween Aerial Class & Improv

Halloween 2013! 10/31, 6:30 – 8:00pm Come in costume and celebrate Halloween by getting in the air! This will be a mixed-apparatus, mixed-level class for those with some experience on aerial apparatuses. Feel free to bring friends and family to take photos. The last half hour of class will be devoted to aerial improv, Halloween-style, and a great photo op. Get creative and spooky! Contact us with any questions. Reservations are required.

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Making connections in the circus

Circus Building in Charleston, SC played host to Rain Anya, a very talented circus arts instructor and circus performer plus a couple dozen eager circus students. There is no doubt that we all learned a lot. We worked on our form and function on static trapeze and other apparatuses. We forced our brains to work just as hard as our bodies understanding why moves work on circus silks. For us more reserved, methodical aerialists, we were encouraged to become more expressive in our movements with a lot of fun games and theatrical training exercises. Though I have to say for me the most exciting thing that happened at the Circus Building circus training workshop is that some great new connections were made. It is amazing how quickly friendships can start when you are helping someone balance upside down in a handstand class. It is easy to feel a quick connection with someone who is helping stay balanced. As business owners and full time teachers it is a privilege to have the opportunity to take class. We got to play with some new partner circus tricks. With an advanced teacher and spotter in the room, it wasn’t uncommon to hear instructions […]

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Hang with the girls – Bachelorette Fun

There is nothing better for the mind and the body than a good old fashioned belly laugh. It’s the one time having trouble catching your breath can be so much fun. While our students in circus classes are looking for serious training with skills that have them doing ankle hangs from circus fabric or back balances on a circus trapeze bar and our yoga students are looking for that deep connection with their breath and calmness of mind when doing downward dog or pigeon pose, they all share one thing in common. They are having fun, giggling, laughing and dare I say, the occasional deep belly laugh. We regularly host bachelorette group classes. Some of the groups want to relax together with aerial yoga, calming those pre-ceremony jitters. Others want something more thrilling like our circus art classes. They all have fun. If you are looking for a fun activity for your wedding celebration, then come hang and laugh with us and set up private group lessons at a time that is convenient for your busy celebration schedule.

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Slow down, take the time to acknowledge progress

We are really busy…yay!  You are busy. I know that our students are really busy too. We are so focused on where we want to be tomorrow that we sometimes don’t take the time to acknowledge how far we have come today. Everyday we see our students make so much progress. We have students in our mixed levels lyra (aka Aerial Hoop) class who couldn’t hang from the lyra without their grip slipping when they first started. Now they are effortlessly pulling themselves up and on to the lyra. Pulling oneself to a seated position from a long straight arm hang is quite an accomplishment. Somewhere in our sedentary lifestyle, so many of us, both men and women, lost the ability to do this seemingly simple physical act of a pull up. As kids we climbed trees effortlessly, but as adults we find the action of a pull up or even just hanging from our arms humbling or worse demoralizing. Being able to pull oneself up is a great example of functional strength. Circus Arts and Aerial Yoga are a great way to build functional strength including learning a pullup. While the elite performers fly 40 feet through the air, […]

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